Insight to retailers worldwide

At SRG we use the latest technology to ensure complete visibility and control of our business operations from design, purchasing and production to shipping and finance. This enables us to effectively manage our worldwide operations, whilst providing our customers with valuable market intelligence and allowing them to take advantage of competitive producing countries, whilst maintaining high levels of quality and on-time delivery standards.


Our designers draw inspiration from across the globe to create products that appeal to shoppers worldwide.

We work on both customer specific ranges (providing unique product) and in house stock lines (which allows customers to trial lines, update ranges and optimise their requirements).

This synergy enhances our ability to create ranges that are trend driven and commercially successful.


Our established network of sources in China and Bangladesh, combined with our own presence in these regions, enables us to bridge the gap between our customers and the manufacturers.

Our highly experienced liaison teams oversee the production of all orders, ensuring our own exacting quality standards are met and all goods are shipped correctly and on-time.


We supplement our own warehousing capabilities with a global network of tried and trusted logistics partners. This means our products are available in stores worldwide, as our customers need them.

We have full processing facilities at all production sites to ensure any specific pre-retail customer requirements can be met.

We insist on complete transparency across our supply chain. This is made possible by our global procurement management system, which is used by hundreds of staff and businesses across the world on a daily basis.